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Confecciones Floresv Muñoz is a family business founded in 1977. Under the brand FM, its founders Antonio Flores and M ª Jesús Muñoz, have succeeded in creating a corporate image that would be required in their daily work of the highest quality for the customer. We now have two brand names, which cover two distinct segments the market. Collections Specialist seeking to enter a competitive market, both nationally and internationally, through its youth and its design quality.

You can contact us through our own representatives, aimed at strategic points of the peninsula, which try to offer the best service to our customers. They can also be found in Section Intermoda of SIMM ( International Week of Mode in Madrid) and CPD (Dusseldorf, Germany).

Flores Muñoz was born in Barcelona, in 1977 as Sociedad Mercantil. Family business, founded by Don Antonio Moreno Flores and M ª Jesús Muñoz Porcuna, and the subsequent monitoring of their children, in the business, bidding for a place in the Women's Pronto Moda, and stood as a recognized brand nationally and internationally .

Our facilities located in Badalona providing the means to mass production, and giving added value to our collections Force in Fashion Design and Quality in Spanish, and offering short circuit developments are increasing day by day, The trend in Pronto Moda.

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